Zanobard’s Top Tracks

This is a continually updated playlist of my favourite pieces of film, television and game music, to basically to give you an idea of what musical styles I like and so the kind of opinions you can expect to find on my site (much like with my favourite scores list but a tad more specific).

Feel free to hit play on the adjacent Spotify playlist to listen to some of my all-time soundtrack greats, or alternatively see below for a few of my more recently discovered/released highlights or my Cue Of The Year Awards, where I highlight my favourite pieces of score for each year that may not have gotten the attention they deserved in my yearly “Best Of” posts.

Either way, you’ll dive straight into a magical world of soundtrack music.

Apologies about the wacky formatting, WordPress is great.

Cue Of The Year Awards

The Batman” from The Batman, by Michael Giacchino
Naru’s Way” from Prey, by Sarah Schachner
“Top Gun Anthem” from Top Gun: Maverick, by Harold Faltermeyer, Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe
“Moon Knight” from Moon Knight, by Hesham Nazih
Galadriel” from The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power by Bear McCreary

“The Crew At Warpower” from Zack Snyder’s Justice League, by Tom Holkenborg
“The Tomorrow War” from The Tomorrow War, by Lorne Balfe
“The Power Of Grayskull” from Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, by Bear McCreary
“Arachnoverture” from Spider-Man: No Way Home, by Michael Giacchino
“House Atreides” from The Dune Sketchbook, by Hans Zimmer

“But At What Cost” from Greyhound, by Blake Neely
“Fight Together” from Birds Of Prey, by Daniel Pemberton
“Ori, Embracing The Light” from Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, by Gareth Coker
“Fight Or Flight” from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, by Stephen Barton and Gordy Haab
“Already Gone” from Wonder Woman 1984, by Hans Zimmer

“Far From Home Suite Home” from Spider-Man: Far From Home, by Michael Giacchino
“Main On End” from Avengers: Endgame, by Alan Silvestri
“Godzilla Main Title” from Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, by Bear McCreary
“The Hidden World Suite” from How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, by John Powell
“To The Stars” from Ad Astra, by Max Richter

“Main Title” from Ready Player One, by Alan Silvestri
“End Credits” from Avengers: Infinity War, by Alan Silvestri
“Corellia Chase” from Solo: A Star Wars Story, by John Powell
“The Landing” from First Man, by Justin Hurwitz
“London Suite In C Major” from Mortal Engines, by Tom Holkenborg

“We Have To Go” from Transformers: The Last Knight, by Steve Jablonsky
“Ragnarok Suite” from Thor: Ragnarok, by Mark Mothersbaugh
“Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite” from Spider-Man: Homecoming, by Michael Giacchino
“Blade Runner” from Blade Runner 2049, by Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer
“Main Title And Escape” from Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, by John Williams